Express delivery center
of aircraft spare parts

OOO ‘1A’Limited liability company
Resident of the ‘Ulyanovsk’ Special Economic Zone
+7 (842) 250-52-01
+7 (937) 272-22-01

Industrialny lane 12 block 1,
Special economic port zone,
Cherdaklinsky district,
Ulyanovsk region Russia, 433405

Why 1A?

  • Wide range of stock available original equipment manufacturer spares at low prices
  • Flexible terms of delivery and payments
  • Competent personnel
  • Fast order fulfilment and optimum logistics

Our company

1 A, LLC is a resident of the “Ulyanovsk” Special Economic Zone, one of the biggest aviation cluster in Russia.

Good location of our logistic center including access to the airport and warehouse infrastructure, customs post, check-point and customs platform make us a prospective business partner. Our suppliers have an opportunity to make VAT-free sales in case of goods imported according to a customs mode of a free customs area (podp.1. p1. Art. 164 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation). The stowage of imported goods on the territory of a zone is also free of customs duty payment.

Letter from the CEO

Nikolay TishinChief executive officer 1A, LLC

Dear visitors of our website,

Thank you for your time and attention. 1A is a newborn company, but we have developed the project of its establishment for several years. After elaborated market research, forecast and numerous discussions we finally moved from words to deeds and launched the project.

The Alpha and omega of the project is that we aim to improve the infrastructure of the aircraft market and create comfortable conditions for its maintenance and development. 1A is a team of people who combine experience and innovation, diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds and professions. Since we have no intention to intrude in existing, well-functioning relations in the market, our company means to explore the wild earth of aviation, opening up new market segments.

After all, 1A was not an accidental chose of name for the company: the combination of the first figure of Arabic numerals the first letter of the Slavic alphabet has a deep meaning. Generally, 1A symbolizes the beginning of all things and the new era of Russian aircraft, but we are not about to give it a comprehensive definition.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Ivanovich Morozov and the management company of the “Ulyanovsk” Special Economic Zone for high confidence in our project and enormous support in its launching. We promise to do everything we can as to make you proud of us!

Yours sincerely,
Nikolay Tishin
Chief executive officer



Industrialny lane 15 block 1, Special economic port zone, Cherdaklinsky district, Ulyanovsk region, Russia, 433405

ИНН/КПП: 7329020395/732901001
КПП: 732901001
Tel/fax: +7 (842) 250-52-01
Tel: +7 (937) 272-22-01

Dear colleagues,

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